To sell or not to sell

That is the question!

It’s a funny old world. Every day we read in the national and international media of property prices spiralling out of control again and yet, here on the Wild Atlantic Way, we are seeing what can only be described as a sub-optimal level of activity. There have been plenty of transactions at levels up to €150,000 in the residential sector over the last six months, sales over this level have been sporadic to say the least and there is a shortage at the lower end of the market – where demand tends to be clustered right now. This is the way it is and it is the way it will be until a lot of the “distressed properties” are taken out of the market and sold. Very few developers are bring encouraged to build houses for sale because the potential prices would not exceed the cost of construction!

The conclusion, therefore, is that it is a good idea to come in to discuss with us your expectations if you are thinking of selling. We will try to guide you through the market with the benefit of our knowledge and experience. There are no silver bullet solutions so talk to us – you may benefit from our discussion.

For buyers – now is a good time!