Christmas/New Year Arrangements


Christmas Eve (Mon)    Open 10am – 12.30pm

Christmas Day                  Closed

St Stephen’s Day             Closed

Thursday 27 Dec             Closed

Friday 28 Dec                    Open 10am – 5.30pm

Monday 31 Dec                Open 10am – 5.30pm

New Year’s Day (Tue)   Closed

Wednesday 02 Jan       Open


Thank you for your highly valued business and support in 2018.  We wish you a very Happy Christmas with much peace, prosperity and good health throughout 2019 and beyond.


This year, in lieu of Christmas Cards we are making a donation to both the Cardiac Rehab Unit at Sligo University Hospital and the Alzheimer Unit at Aras Mhic Shuibhne Nursing Home, Laghey, Co Donegal.


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Adding Value

What’s it worth?

In the course of a recent property inspection, the owner asked my opinion on whether or not a certain feature added value to their home.  Very often, homeowners undertake work on their properties that could be described as “non-essential” without considering the cost versus value equation.

There have, quite surprisingly, been several studies done and repeated with regularity in Ireland, the UK, Canada and the USA.  In each of the studies the results are, naturally, different due to various environmental and socio-economic factors.  In addition, fashions and tastes change over time.

In Ireland, for example, one of the top items for improvement is the kitchen while in the USA, the bathroom beats the kitchen into second place.

In each of the studies there is agreement that attic or loft conversions do not add value.  I could count on one hand the number of times a potential buyer asked me to pull down the featured “Stira”, to inspect the attic, over the past five years.

In larger urban areas parking spaces score very highly.  Interestingly, an off street parking bay is much more valued than a garage!

Home games rooms and gyms are no longer hot property.  Wet rooms are very popular as are separate dining rooms.

Sun lounges with patio doors are still very strong features but score much higher if they can double as an evening dining space.  The continuing favourites are main bathroom (not overspeced and over-sized), second toilet downstairs, and, increasingly, energy efficient heating systems.

If you are thinking of doing renovations, selling or indeed, buying, I am happy to advise.




A Thought


The Christmas/New Year holiday period is generally a time when we connect with our families and special friends.  We take time to review the past year and consider the year ahead, the challenges and opportunities that may arise.

This year, in lien of sending Christmas Cards we will be making donations to our two special causes: the Patients Comfort Fund at Aras Mhic Suibhne and the Cardiac Rehab Unit at Sligo University Hospital.

Thank you for your custom during the year and we look forward to doing business with you and many new Clients in 2018.

We wish you every good wish for Christmas and all that is truly good in 2018.