Ready, Steady, Go!

In general terms the sale of residential property can be quiet during the period from November through Christmas and into January.  In Bundoran, for example, many who are involved in the hospitality business use this twelve week period to undertake essential maintenance on their properties, do any remodeling that may be required and, naturally, take a well earned and much needed holiday.

During the same period we see a generally more active level of property enquiries.  People looking at second homes tend to search at this time of the year because if they agree a transaction they can generally be in occupation in time for the Easter Holiday.

This year many Estate Agents are complaining that their saleable stock is low.  By saleable,  I mean that segment of property in a special price range.  This is different for every area but in Bundoran the greatest area of demand is up to €150,000.

Naturally, if demand is strong in this segment it follows that supply can suffice from time to time.

If you are thinking of selling please give us a call and we can discuss both price and timing to help you start the process and have you ready to go on the market in the early Spring!